Portsmouth, NH
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Park's Taekwondo School

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Park's Taekwondo School
535 Peverly Hill Rd.
PortsmouthNH 03801
(603) 433-2099

Ages: 5 - 14+

Cost: Call for details

Parking: Yes - Free


Since Grandmaster S.W. Park founded his school 30 years ago, he and his black belt instructors have excelled at teaching taekwondo to students of all ability levels, from tournament competitors to beginners, and from adults to children as young as five years old.

Training at Park's emphasizes taekwondo's techniques and the philosophical foundations that make it a way of life as well as a martial art. Students learn taekwondo's unique kicking, punching and blocking techniques; its forms or "poomse," which are sequences of moves that train the body and the memory; and its philosophy, which is based in respect for self and others.

Classes are a varied mix of drills, forms, patterns, striking the pads and sparring. One-step sparring helps develop practical self-defense techniques.

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