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With an uncluttered design, Find&GoSeek is the go–to destination for parents for just about everything there is to do with kids. The Display Ad Banner offers you a single, consistent position that won’t get lost with other competing Display Ad Banner positions on the page—because there are none!

Our website is user friendly and a hit with users. Having your Display Ad Banner prominently displayed next to Find&GoSeek content exposes your message in a highly targeted environment.


  • high impact placement and largest advertising unit per page
  • option to utilize then in-page expandable format for free
  • target your campaign by category
  • link readers to your own website or your Find&GoSeek Listing
  • free professional ad design consultation


  • Ad unit sizes: up to 336px x 280px
  • Max file weight: 25K GIF or JPEG image; 50K Flash
  • Ad expansion: user initiated (up to 200px beyond left edge)
  • Animation: 15 seconds max
  • No sound or rapid flashing

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